Certificate of Full Implementation Recieved

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Initial Credit Reports Ordered, awaiting Certificate of Completion

Well while I’m waiting I decided to get hold of my credit reports.

Equifax and Experian were fine to apply for online.  Call Credit however, declined my visa debit card online.  Despite emailing them they never resolved this, and further attempts to get hold of my report have been unsuccessful.

I have therefore wrote to them, enclosing a cheque for £2 and asking for the report by post.  They have 7 working days to reply so waiting on their tree to arrive through the post.

I called my IP last week, everything is moving along now, final dividend payment has been made and bank account closed.  I’m just waiting on the certificate and final report which I’m told will be imminent.

The only record which appears incorrect in terms of default dates is with Abbey National.  I’m waiting on the certificate before contacting them about this, along with Max Recovery who are the owners of this debt now.  The CRA still have Abbey as the defaulter though.  Not sure who is reponsible for updating this, Max have taken on the reporting on the CRA for all other debts appart from this one.

One to sort out shortly.  The only other thing I need to do is ensure all Defaults are marked as No money due and settled.

We will see how it goes.

I’ve changed my forum name from INAIVA to TheMatrix following completion of the IVA

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Final Payment made!!!

Not a post about updating the credit file, but wanted to celebrate this achievement with a blog entry on the day I made my final payment into my IVA.

It feels good to finally get to the end, payment 62/62 was made today and has left my bank account. And yes I checked at 4.30am in the morning!!!

Keep going guys, cause the end result is definatly worth it.

I’ll be back again, when I get my certificate.

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New blog to track progress on updating my credit file

Setting out on my journey 5 years ago, now I’m getting ready to clear my credit file shortly.  Here you will learn how I’m getting on.

I have 2 more payments to make, once I get my certificate of completion I will be back to report how I get on.

First step will be to obtain my credit file from 3 different Credit Reference Agencies (CRA’s) These being Experian, Equifax and Call Credit.

Come back around May 2011 or sooner if I get my certificate as I will update this again then

In A IVA << well at least for now.

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